How Insensitive!

Judging from my sarcastic posts, you may think that I am :

– a hideous human being, or

– a very emotional person.

Well, I’m the second.

So even if you’re my worst enemy, and you are lying on the side of the road after being hit by a truck, I’d still take you to the hospital and see that you’re okay.

Well, wouldn’t you think that everyone would do that? Sadly, not everyone is empathetic and this world is far too cruel.

Currently my problem is with those who I consider myself close to, who laugh at my injuries or illnesses.

When I correspond with someone, via text or email, I always explain everything in grave detail. It’s a habit, I can’t help it. And when, after that long message about an injury, I get ten laughing emojis and am told that I made the person burst out with laughter, I feel hurt.

I’ve often laughed at my own pain as a coping mechanism, but I’d never stoop so low as to laugh at someone else’s pain.

Maybe I’m being too emotional, but I can’t seem to understand how people can behave this way? Any answers?



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